It’s a NO from me dawg

Pretty much all evening and night (until about 3am lol), I was reading scary stories online. It stemmed from a random TikTok where these girls were exploring an abandoned something— asylum? Don’t remember. And when they go outside, you can hear on the TikTok a woman yelling from the woods “help me!” Among other things they couldn’t make sense of.

I cannot, for the life of me, find this TikTok or the reaction video that showed up on my feed…

The reaction video was of a woman who basically was like girl no that’s a ——

The TikTok was later explained away. The girls ran but called 911. They later found out that behind the tree line was an asylum or hospital and the woman screaming was in the fenced in area, hallucinating. Not a ———-

Do I believe in the paranormal? I believe enough in it to be all aboard the NOPEtrain to F^CKTHATville.

Anyway, I am careful not to say sh*t out loud because I’ve read in the past that saying it out loud attracts it/them. There’s power in a name.

So out of curiosity, I research some stuff, and eventually land on unsolved missing persons cases. Cool beans, I’m intrigued AF.

The point is, I sat there all night and scared myself sh!tless.

Boyfriend even got me to tell him (out loud) what I was initially researching, and he jokingly begins to say the name. He said “I should go outside and yell it.” He doesn’t believe in stuff like that. I was like EVEN IF U DONT, u honestly trust that it’s not a possibility ??!

I went off. I told him I’d go stay somewhere else if he played like that lmao. You simply do not f*ck with the paranormal.

I ended up telling him “if a white person would do that in a scary movie, don’t do that thing.”

He got a good laugh out of my antics, but he ended up coming to bed early to cuddle me because I was too scared to fall asleep lol.

I’m about to do it again too BAP BAP BAP (read scary sh!t, that is).

“Do you really believe in that stuff?”

I believe in the possibility of damn near anything. My mind couldn’t fathom the sh!t that could be out there. It’s not my place to say, “no, that doesn’t exist.” Cause I don’t know.

But I sure as hell am not ever going to disrespect the dead (excluding certain family members, I fart in your general direction). I’m not going to investigate a noise. No, nuh uh. WHY? Cause I’m smart.

Lmao ok I’m done.

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