Spirit Guides…

I had never really heard of spirit guides, other than what most consider guardian angels. I always said that I believe 100% that someone is looking out for me, and when I came across a TikTok about spirit guides… it just felt right. I really have no information about this, but I feel like I have more than one, and at least one is male. I tried to talk to them today in my head, while meditating, but I’m not good at meditating because I can’t shut my brain up or relax for any amount of time, sooooo… I don’t know. I had this intense thought that “you know how you always refer to yourself in your head as ‘we’?” and then kind of had this feeling like amusement. And I thanked them for guiding me, because I know that can’t be an easy gig. I really feel like they do be laughing at me sometimes though. I also told them that I very much value their guidance, however sometimes I may not have the courage to follow it until I’m *ready*…. Is this weird?

I dunno.

Alls I knows is, I shouldn’t be here. I genuinely do not know how I have made it this far, but I know it has not been without help. Am I religious? No, but I’ve always felt like I was being looked after/guided.

I even told boyfriend, I trust in this guidance fully. I always considered it my intuition, and perhaps it is.

Anyone have any experience with this?

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