Looks like I’m beginning Shadow Work

I bought some crystals/stones today and some intention candles. I got Abundance and Positive Energy candles.

Boyfriend thinks I’m going crazy lol. It is as simple as this: this part of me, this spirituality I’ve never really explored or known about, RESONATES with me. It feels right, so I’m making it a part of my life.

I am very new to anything spiritual. Please tell me what crystals/stones I should keep on me and/or wear… any shadow work prompts… basically anything you can to help me with this journey.

I made a separate journal for shadow work. It’s kinda scary, but I got pretty into it while writing and decorating. I pretty much called myself out right off the bat. Writing it out and answering a prompt really opened my mind up to what exactly is holding me back.

I think it’s me.

I’m holding me back.

I realized just how many things I have used my mental illness(es) to make excuses for in my life, and what I could’ve accomplished had I not given up the moment something posed a challenge to me.

So, there’s that.

Hahahah ah this is gonna get messy, I can already tell. Oddly empowering to be aware of my own bullsh!t though.

Will continue to monitor.

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