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Please visit and follow Breaking in Reverse It is a self care, mental health, spiritual, just whatever good vibe-y and creative stuff I like- blog. I’m in love with it and am so excited to watch it grow, so please go show it some love! This blog will not be active, probably not at all…

Anyone love me? Lol and has the extra money just lying around 😂😂😂 I was told these may help with Raynaud’s attacks 🥺 And, coincidentally, I am out of work for the third week BECAUSE of an attack that I am still very slowly recovering from. Raynaud’s attacks paired with lupus really does a number on damage…

I’m not “sucking up”…

Let me just start by saying no one has accused me of sucking up or anything like that at all. That’s not what this post is about. I’m tired of good, amazing things that go unsaid because it may seem like sucking up, or being fake, or whatever. A lot of really important things get…

Dark Enough

(Pardon the typo*) This is a lil’ tidbit from my cover of #DarkEnough by Amanda Lopiccolo. ⚠️Trigger Warning⚠️ : Self-Harm / Sad / Emotional

~BJTHEQUEEN Appreciation post~

BJ became one of my favorite artists the minute I heard the song Monday March 23. Trigger warning, but very powerful words. Show BJ all the love at… Apple MusicSoundcloudTikTokSpotifyYoutube

Slacking 😔

I’m sorry for my lack of posting. I’m just working on and focusing on me and mine. A lot of my loved ones are sick, my allergies have been wild, debt, bills, living arrangements, etc. I have been more active on my social media accounts.

Songs Living Rent-Free In My Head

A short compilation of the songs I’ve been listening to on repeat lately. First off, I’m not sorry. I wanna apologize to nobodyMachine Gun Kelly – My Ex’s Best Friend


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