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Having a bad mental health day, you guys. Past two days, actually.

I’ve never been very good at drawing, but I did do this and I kinda like it. I’ve been painting more as well. I figure I don’t have to be good at it to enjoy it.

Bad Boys Break Hearts~~

So, as I’ve rambled about ever so briefly, I started a book yesterday that I realized connected to other books by that author. I’m amused to say that I got so into the book, that I was 75% finished with it before I finally went to bed.

And I’m honestly about to finish it after this post.

I guess this is like a pre-review. I’ve created some notes within the Kindle app while reading, and I’m hoping that will be easy to share when I’m finished.

Without further ado

The hat tho *swoons*

I can honestly say this read has been so amazing. I haven’t laughed so hard at a book in a long time. The main characters are so relatable and hilarious. And the fact that it’s the son of the main character from one of her previous books— UGH, so good.

I can already tell this book is getting a phenomenal review from me. Bye now gonna go finish it!


Royal Watch by Stacey Marie Brown (Review)

Oh. My. God.

Seriously? This book is a PERFECT example of why Stacey Marie Brown is my all-time favorite author.

I have genuinely fallen in love with every single book that Stacey has written.

Spencer Sutton is dating a prince. Always on the outside of the gilded cage, looking in, Spencer is your average farm girl that studied her arse off to pursue her dreams of becoming a Veterinarian. A lover of animals, hater of shoes. Spencer is the one girl that doesn’t fall to the prince’s feet. Now on the prince’s radar, Spencer is charmed. Is Prince Theo worth losing herself in the royal world? Can she be tamed and fluffed into the perfect future princess?

And what about her bodyguard? Lennox is rough where Prince Theo is sweet, innocent. Lennox wants nothing more than to be as far away as the troublesome Duchess as possible.

Lennox knew the future princess would be the end of him, but he didn’t know just how much she would rattle his world.

She was off limits.

5/5 stars

Click here to go to the Amazon page. I highly recommend this book!

What I’ve Been Doing…

Well, I have not received much help with my Photoshop question, so it’s been very difficult to make anything in Photoshop. Has that stopped me? Not really. But it has hindered me quite a bit. I recently ordered a few books that I’m going to read and review here for the blog. I love doing book reviews because a lot of the authors I write reviews for really appreciate the review and sometimes will reach out and send out ARCs. Reviews help authors and artists out way more than we realize, so I encourage everyone to do the same.

The books I ordered are:

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout (favorite author)

First World: A Walker Saga Book One by Jaymin Eve

The Last Hours: Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare (favorite author)

Royal Watch by Stacey Marie Brown (FAVORITE AUTHOR!!!!!!)

Stay tuned for these reviews once I finish each book (keep in mind, I’m a full time college student and full time “essential” worker). Please please please check out these authors and their work. The only author I’m not too familiar with is Jaymin Eve, but I’ve heard nothing but good things. Click on the book titles to open a new window to the amazon page where I purchased each book.

Hopefully, I can figure this Photoshop thing out soon and be able to get some graphic resources up for use!