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Bad Boys Break Hearts~~

So, as I’ve rambled about ever so briefly, I started a book yesterday that I realized connected to other books by that author. I’m amused to say that I got so into the book, that I was 75% finished with it before I finally went to bed.

And I’m honestly about to finish it after this post.

I guess this is like a pre-review. I’ve created some notes within the Kindle app while reading, and I’m hoping that will be easy to share when I’m finished.

Without further ado

The hat tho *swoons*

I can honestly say this read has been so amazing. I haven’t laughed so hard at a book in a long time. The main characters are so relatable and hilarious. And the fact that it’s the son of the main character from one of her previous books— UGH, so good.

I can already tell this book is getting a phenomenal review from me. Bye now gonna go finish it!