I’m still in dream-world 😖

Nobody here really knows this about me, but I truly hate asking for money. Before recently, I very rarely did. But I know when I need help, and it would be stupid of me at this point to not at least try. I never know what rich stranger is enjoying my blog or TikTok or Twitter and has some extra money to spare. But just to clarify, I do work full time and I am doing my damndest to make the money I need to move closer to my job. I reason that I shouldn’t feel guilty or embarrassed for asking for help if someone else has the means.

Yesterday was hard from the get-go. I did not get breakfast before I made the drive to my work, and for those of you that take basically any medication, that’s a quick way to make yourself sick. I can tell you from experience that taking antidepressants on an empty stomach is not a good time.

So there I was, not having a good time. I was able to get breakfast not long after I got to work (because my coworkers are amazing & understanding), so I felt better after that.

However, I was super exhausted ALL DAY, despite getting enough sleep the night before. I was exhausted mentally and physically, and the new insoles in my shoes did nothing to ease the constant cramping in my feet from being on them all day/every day.

Around noon, I started to get a migraine. I didn’t know it then; I just thought it was from trying a new multi-vitamin that morning or not drinking enough water.

The moment I got home, I really couldn’t do much else besides lay in bed. I fell asleep in my uniform, even.

So here I am, many hours later, drinking plenty of water & hoping the migraine is done with me.

Photo Diary 10.11.2020

The changing of the leaves is so gorgeous. I can’t wait for the cooler weather again. Or perhaps a rainy day.

A few photos I took today, featuring music from The Haunting of Hill House because that is what we have been watching 🙃😊

We watched Bly Manor and didn’t care for it nearly as much as Hill House.

By the way, I did test scanning this picture with my phone’s camera and it popped up with a link to send me money on my cashapp. If you have extra to give, it would be helpful. Really helpful. I am working my patootie off to get where I want to be, but I gotta admit a little help wouldn’t hurt.

It’s as easy as using your phone’s camera to send me money directly on my cashapp. I’m not ashamed to ask for help. I am not lazy; I work full time and am trying to get back on my feet by moving closer to my job and being able to finish my degrees. Anything is greatly appreciated, but only if you have the means.

I need to move ASAP.

I just started a new job and I’m trying to move closer to it ASAP. Without going into detail, my living situation is less than ideal. The gas to get to/from work is killing me. I am beyond stressed. If any rich people are feeling charitable, you can send me money on cashapp $spitefulcupcake.

I have no idea if you can scan this code like this or not but it’s worth a shot. I gotta move closer to my job 😭