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It is a self care, mental health, spiritual, just whatever good vibe-y and creative stuff I like- blog. I’m in love with it and am so excited to watch it grow, so please go show it some love! This blog will not be active, probably not at all unless I revamp it. Who knows 😉

Thank you for loving and supporting me ❤️


I am on a creative roll here lately. I made this header featuring one of my favorite quotes from “The Fall of the King” by Stacey Marie Brown. I highly recommend this series, and the other series that tie into this one because it is all so PHENOMENAL! Click HERE to check out “The Fall of the King”.

I am SO SO SO happy with how this turned out. Stacey Marie Brown is my all-time FAVORITE author, and “The Fall of the King” is book #3 in the Lightness Saga. LOVED THESE SERIES!!!!!!

Check out this #TheFalloftheKing by @S_MarieBrown graphic!