Anyone love me?

Lol and has the extra money just lying around 😂😂😂

I was told these may help with Raynaud’s attacks 🥺

And, coincidentally, I am out of work for the third week BECAUSE of an attack that I am still very slowly recovering from.

Raynaud’s attacks paired with lupus really does a number on damage and healing time. Week 3 and hardly any healing has happened 🥺 and I hurt sooooo bad. My sleep schedule is messed up now because I haven’t been able to sleep at night because of the pain, but then I end up falling asleep around 7-8am and sleeping all day 🙄.

I’m goin thru it y’all 🙏🏻

I’m still in dream-world 😖

Nobody here really knows this about me, but I truly hate asking for money. Before recently, I very rarely did. But I know when I need help, and it would be stupid of me at this point to not at least try. I never know what rich stranger is enjoying my blog or TikTok or Twitter and has some extra money to spare. But just to clarify, I do work full time and I am doing my damndest to make the money I need to move closer to my job. I reason that I shouldn’t feel guilty or embarrassed for asking for help if someone else has the means.

Yesterday was hard from the get-go. I did not get breakfast before I made the drive to my work, and for those of you that take basically any medication, that’s a quick way to make yourself sick. I can tell you from experience that taking antidepressants on an empty stomach is not a good time.

So there I was, not having a good time. I was able to get breakfast not long after I got to work (because my coworkers are amazing & understanding), so I felt better after that.

However, I was super exhausted ALL DAY, despite getting enough sleep the night before. I was exhausted mentally and physically, and the new insoles in my shoes did nothing to ease the constant cramping in my feet from being on them all day/every day.

Around noon, I started to get a migraine. I didn’t know it then; I just thought it was from trying a new multi-vitamin that morning or not drinking enough water.

The moment I got home, I really couldn’t do much else besides lay in bed. I fell asleep in my uniform, even.

So here I am, many hours later, drinking plenty of water & hoping the migraine is done with me.

Photoshop Help!

Can anyone tell me why when I do a canvas of 100px x 100px, it comes out really small and not at all 100x100px? It is set to pixels/inch. The resolution is set to 72 or something. Any ideas what’s causing this?