New Blog!!!!

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It is a self care, mental health, spiritual, just whatever good vibe-y and creative stuff I like- blog. I’m in love with it and am so excited to watch it grow, so please go show it some love! This blog will not be active, probably not at all unless I revamp it. Who knows 😉

Thank you for loving and supporting me ❤️

Is it normal to be so drained from yesterday’s shadow work that I don’t know if I can muster the strength to do an exercise tonight? Or should I just do the damn thing


I’ve started to journal again in my manic state. I tried something different this time, though. I bought a dot journal. I always thought that I wasn’t artistic or creative enough to have a dot journal.

It’s a game changer.

Somehow, it’s given me some sense of creative freedom when I write. I glue photos in there with captions.

I’m just kind of documenting. A collection of thoughts, memories, goals, quotes, photos, medication log, moods, dreams, etc.

Lately my dreams have been too awful to write down. I thank the Wellbutrin.

Anyway, someone give me positive journal prompts!

Try not to make me feel things too much; I’m soft :).