Chins Up

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Just another daily dose of serotonin for my fam. Enjoy 😉

I would be getting my jabs in where I could get ‘em 😂
This one gave me a good laugh. It’s bad when you’re on a first name basis with the police lmao
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Conversations w/ My Cat

Decoy: *bites kitten for trying to play with him*
Me: Heeeey, we don’t bite. If you wanna smack him, I don’t care. Go ahead, smack him around a little bit. He’s f*cking with you–
Decoy: *growls* *BAP*
Me: yeahhhhh!!! see? don’t bite. Smack.

I swear to god, Decoy rolled onto his back at my praise. I pet his belly and told him how good he was. He looked so pleased lmao. Cats are a trip, man.

BTW, Decoy’s smacks are harmless. Which makes them HILARIOUS. Binx and Decoy both used to bap the dog I used to have on the nose. They weren’t even hissing or growling, simply givin’ em a good smack.