Royal Watch by Stacey Marie Brown (Review)

Oh. My. God.

Seriously? This book is a PERFECT example of why Stacey Marie Brown is my all-time favorite author.

I have genuinely fallen in love with every single book that Stacey has written.

Spencer Sutton is dating a prince. Always on the outside of the gilded cage, looking in, Spencer is your average farm girl that studied her arse off to pursue her dreams of becoming a Veterinarian. A lover of animals, hater of shoes. Spencer is the one girl that doesn’t fall to the prince’s feet. Now on the prince’s radar, Spencer is charmed. Is Prince Theo worth losing herself in the royal world? Can she be tamed and fluffed into the perfect future princess?

And what about her bodyguard? Lennox is rough where Prince Theo is sweet, innocent. Lennox wants nothing more than to be as far away as the troublesome Duchess as possible.

Lennox knew the future princess would be the end of him, but he didn’t know just how much she would rattle his world.

She was off limits.

5/5 stars

Click here to go to the Amazon page. I highly recommend this book!


I Am Elle is a psychological thriller that has an abundance of potential triggers for the (slightly) damaged souls – like myself. This book captivated me from chapter one. I only set it down when I absolutely had to.

Eleanor has been sexually abused by men since she was at least 7 years old. Years of torture – but she’s of age now. She can leave her home life if she chooses to. And yet…?

Instead, she finds herself amidst some pretty mysterious disappearings in her hometown.

When a new detective worms his way into Eleanor’s life and heart, he has no idea just what he’s getting himself into.

Can broken Eleanor learn to accept genuine kindness from a man after the years of abuse?

You won’t regret reading this awesome psychological thriller.

4/5 stars.

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