Premade Layouts…

So, I have Dreamweaver, and with its help, I’ve been beginning to re-learn how to make premade HTML layouts for fellow web designers. I’m just playing around with it right now, but look forward to that in the future. As well as Photoshop Brushes! I have a set already made but am having issues saving them properly.

Currently, my laptop is charging because I have a Zoom meeting for class today. Plus, I’ve got tons of homework to do. The end of the semester is near!

I had bad dreams about Luke not loving me anymore so now I’m just laying with him soaking it in lol. I’m such a baby. I hate those dreams though. I guess that’s one of my biggest fears. My mind hates me so it comes out in dreams a lot.

But I always wake up and Luke’s always next to me, and he always smiles at me when he wakes up.

Okay, anyway, I’m taking requests if anyone needs anything done or wants to see more of such and such. Just comment on this post or email me.


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