My Parents Are So Amazing.

Why is my dad so wholesome tho? He sends me a “love you” message every day before he goes to work at a stressful, sometimes dangerous job.

He tells me him and mom just want me to be happy and that he prays for me (mom says the same thing).

He is always asking if I’ve eaten, even back when I was a horrible teenager/adult and yelled about being asked questions.

One day at work, he pulls out all the secret $1s he stashes for candy from his wallet and tells me to use it for food.

“Don’t tell mom”

It was $17 in ones.

Knowing how amazing my mom is, i tell her for the sole purpose of bragging on dad and knowing that she would replace that money for him lol.

Idk if he still does this, but he used to keep his extra cash secret from mom so that he could buy candy at the gas station before work. Mom knew about it. Mom made sure he had it 😂

But she’d still pretend to bitch about dad hiding $1s lmao.

Are they not the sweetest?

I swear I could call either one of them in the middle of the night, for any reason at all, and they’d wake up and talk to me or come get me or WHATEVER I NEEDED.

I wake mom up in the middle of the night all the time. Especially when I’ve done something wrong like take home a dog.

I showed interest in pianos when I was a kid… I was surprised with piano lessons.

I said I like to graphic design… they immediately bought me Paintshop Pro, then Photoshop Elements.

I said I wanted to change my major and they have supported it 100%.

Anyway, just feeling appreciative. My parents are perfect and they spoil the f out of me.

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