An Actual Blog Post?

Yep. It’s about time. I don’t want this to JUST be a graphic resource dump. I’ve been contemplating how personal I want to make this website, blog or not. I think I’ve decided to make it as personal as I feel like it at the time. If I feel like sharing photos from my life? Ima go for it. If I feel like just posting a bunch of graphics and ignoring my feelings? I’ll do that too. Basically, I’m going to do what makes me happy – and that’s subject to change.

So here’s a little more about me. I’m 28 (I think…1992). I’m a full-time college student majoring in Social Work and minoring in Psychology. I work in the mental health field full-time currently and may continue to do so as my career. I haven’t decided yet. I have a passion for geriatrics, so we’ll see.

I live with my boyfriend, Luke. He is honestly the greatest thing I’ve ever had and I never plan to give it up or take it for granted. Will I post an overload of pictures of his handsome self? Probably.

I have the best family. My parents are so loving and supportive, my siblings have always had my back, and now I have three nieces to love and adore. Will I post pictures of my nieces? Probably not. That is for their own safety. If you know me personally, you have me on Facebook and see all of the baby pictures anyway.

Okay, I think that’s enough sharing for now. I’m waiting on my mom to bring me more face masks for my shift at work tonight.

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