I nap now

I’m so tired, i can barely keep my head up. It’s unreal how physically and mentally exhausting it is working in the mental health field. Especially while managing your own mental health. I enjoy my work though.

I can at least say with confidence that I make people smile, and that’s enough for me. I just want to do good things and help people every way I know how. I like hearing things that are said and they think I’ll get them in trouble. Unless it is harmful to themselves or others, 🤘🏻.

I’m the last person to judge or to chastise someone when I was jamming to I’m On A Boat by The Lonely Island on my way to work 😂

I’m empathetic af, and I think that helps in my field quite a bit. I understand being so depressed you can’t get out of bed. I understand not brushing your hair for days at a time or not taking care of yourself because you just can’t bring yourself to, even though you know you should.

But the thing is, I’m gonna be there to hype you up and be your cheerleader. I’ll be there to brush your hair or just listen.

Oddly, it’s made me self-reflect like… ok I don’t feel like brushing my hair but I bet my patients would want that for me – especially since I want nothing but good things for them. How can I advocate for good mental health and taking care of ourselves if I don’t do the same thing?

I’m rambling, and I’m tired. Maybe I’ll nap right here. I nap now.

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